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Colette Kelleher, Chief Executive of The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

Dementia care costs 'halved' by supporting people to live at home

By 2021 the number of people with living with dementia is expected to rise to 68,216. More than 60% of people with dementia live in the community cared for by 50,000 family carers with patchy, uncoordinated or no support.
Why neuro rehabilitation is vital for brain injury survivors

Why neuro-rehabilitation is vital for brain injury survivors

A lack of suitable neuro-rehabilitation services from hospital to home is having a negative impact on those surviving brain injuries, says Barbara O’Connell, CEO, ABI Ireland.
Reducing disability progression for people with MS

Reducing disability progression for people with MS

MS Ireland highlights the impact of Multiple Sclerosis on 9,000 people and their families, and calls on the government for a neuro-rehabilitation strategy to help reduce disability progression.
multiple sclerosis care

Changing attitudes towards Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a complex condition which varies in severity, but according to Dr Chris McGuigan, Consultant Neurologist at St. Vincent's Hospital in Dublin, the personal and societal impact of MS is far reaching.

brain image

Brain Disease: where Ireland stands

A large majority of us will experience some form of brain illness during our lifetimes, with over half of us requiring therapy for a neurological or psychiatric disease. 
Multiple Sclerosis Ireland Facts and Information

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland: Facts and Information

MS Ireland is the national organisation providing information, support and advocacy for the 9,000 people living with Multiple Sclerosis and their families.
Professor John O’Byrne

“Bring patients to the right hospital,” surgeon urges

Ireland enjoys some of the best orthopaedic healthcare in the world, but the difficulty to access it can be detrimental, one of the country’s leading experts denounces.
brain training

Train your brain with our free online Sudoku game

Those with the best brains as older adults are those who take the time to engage their mental muscle regularly. Why not take the time to exercise your brain right now with this Sudoku puzzle?
Dr. Caitriona Cunningham of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists

Physiotherapy: an active approach to bone and joint health

A physiotherapist can work with a patient to decide on the most appropriate management for acute and long-term bone and joint pain — or help people who simply want advice about getting active.
radiologist with x ray

Developing a pathway of care

Many people who get spinal fractures in Ireland are never treated for the underlying disease: osteoporosis. Reasons for this include lack of knowledge and resources.

Pat Sheehan, principal consultant at BSM Galway

Underlying cause: A case study on osteoporotic fractures

Pat Sheehan, principal consultant at BSM Galway, shares his experience of the balloon kyphoplasty procedure and discusses the stigma surrounding osteoporotic fractures.
choosing hip replacement

Hip Replacement: Choosing the hip for you

Mr Stephen Kearns gives insight on technology versus track record when it comes to hip replacement.
Osteoporosis technology

Osteoporosis: New technologies bring new hope

Dr Ossi Riekkinen discusses the importance of diagnosing osteoporosis early, and the role of new technology in achieving this goal.
Atrial Fibrillation Q and A with Dr Angie Brown

Atrial Fibrillation Q and A with Dr Angie Brown

We ask Dr Angie Brown, Irish Heart Foundation Medical Director and consultant cardiologist about atrial fibrillation.
Investments and collaboration bring more hope for patients

Investments and collaboration bring more hope for patients

Research investments and collaborative efforts aimed at improving treatment choice, public awareness is driving Irish blood cancer patients towards a more positive future.
stroke care in hospital

Achieving the best care for stroke sufferers

Dr John Thornton, Consultant Interventional Neuroradiologist and Clinical Lead for Strokes in Beaumont Hospital Dublin, highlights the benefits of mechanical thrombectomy.
Outlook for blood cancer patients improves

Outlook for blood cancer patients improves

Every year, around 1,500 people in Ireland are diagnosed with blood cancer – an umbrella term for cancers that affect the blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system.
Fresh hope for Irish patients

Fresh hope for Irish patients

In the past, there wasn’t always access to the latest therapies from around the world for Irish blood cancer and heart disease patients. Today cutting-edge research in cardiology and haematology is changing this.