Children's Health Q3 2022
Is your child in junior infants or first year? It’s time for their school vaccines
When children are in junior infants, they are offered the 4-in-1 and MMR vaccines, and when students are in first year, they are offered HPV, Tdap and MenACWY vaccines. Each September, the HSE vaccinations teams offer the school vaccination programme in primary and second-level schools across the country to protect junior infants and first years … Continued
Digital twins: tackling neuroblastoma with computational models
Neuroblastoma represents only 6% of childhood cancers, yet accounts for 15% of cancer deaths in children. Some forms respond to treatment, while others are difficult to treat as they are resistant to anti-cancer drugs. Current neuroblastoma treatments are often genotoxic, damaging the genome and causing severe side effects that can burden survivors for decades. How … Continued