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Medical Research Laboratory: Portrait of Female Scientist Working with Samples, using Micro Pipette Analysing Sample.
Future of Healthcare Q1 2024

CONCEPT: core national facility for early-stage biotherapy development

A state-of-the-art facility fosters collaborative development pathways in advanced therapies, providing research-grade materials to bridge the gap between innovation and clinical application. Ireland has hads a rich history in pharmaceutical manufacturing since the 1950s. Its manufacturing ecosystem has since evolved, embracing technological advancements in producing small and large-molecule therapies to address various diseases. Today, the … Continued
Rare Diseases Q1 2024

Why we should start seeing the 1 in 17 affected by a rare disease in Ireland

Elevate awareness of rare diseases in Ireland and across the globe. Learn how early diagnosis and lived experiences can make a difference, and join the movement. Approximately 1 in 17 people are living with a rare disease in Ireland. Increasing awareness of rare diseases is necessary to reduce stigma and isolation, increase understanding and create … Continued