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two men at a construction site who are talking to each other, discussing something on a paper, both with safety helmets
International Men's Health Week 2024

Why men’s health in construction matters — and where to find support

The construction industry is demanding. Long hours, physical labour and stressful environments can take a toll on workers’ health. Yet, many men hesitate to prioritise their health or seek help. The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity is uniquely positioned as the only charity dedicated to providing emotional, physical and financial wellbeing support to the construction community … Continued
Female Research Scientist Uses Micropipette to Mix Liquids in a Sample Test Tube in a Modern Laboratory.
Innovations in Oncology 2024

Community effort drives cancer trials for accessible treatment and expertise

We must support clinical trial research to ensure that Irish cancer patients have access to innovative and novel cancer treatments and approaches. A key priority for the Irish Cancer Society is investing in world-class cancer research that will have an impact on people affected by cancer in Ireland. Improving cancer care in Ireland The Irish … Continued