How do EMEA countries compare in digital health technology adoption?
A new study examines the role of digital technology in health systems across countries and explores success factors and areas that need improvement. The role of digital technologies in health systems has deep roots: from the early development of structured medical records through to telemedicine, which was so vital in continuing healthcare operations during the … Continued
Collaborations and quality control shape future nursing curriculum
The experiences of nursing students who found themselves in the frontline of pandemic care are defining a new era in nursing education. The COVID-19 pandemic put healthcare workers, amongst others, under untold pressure as they helped care for those in need. Many nursing students found themselves on the front line of care, at a very … Continued
Collaborating to innovate: Vaccine traceability
Identifying, tracking and reconciling vaccines with standards-based traceability systems across Ireland is making the COVID-19 vaccine rollout safer and more efficient. As COVID-19 vaccines became available, the Health Service Executive (HSE) needed an efficient and effective way of receiving, tracking and reporting vaccinations across more than 40 centralised vaccination clinics (CVCs) in Ireland. It was … Continued
Future of Healthcare Q1 2022
Irish digital health firms help to shape the future of global healthcare
Ireland is recognised as a leading global medtech hub, with our community of pioneering leaders playing a pivotal and transformative role in digital healthcare around the world. Responsible for €13 billion in exports to over 100 countries, Ireland is the second largest medtech exporter in Europe. The industry employs over 45,000 people across 350 companies … Continued
Increasing rapid access to dermatology care
Patients have lauded a new dermatology service, which eliminates the stress and anxiety of waiting to get a diagnosis from a consultant dermatologist, available across Ireland. In May 2019, acne started to become a major issue for Grace, from Celbridge, County Kildare. She spent a lot of money on unsuccessful treatments until she discovered a … Continued