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Eoin O’Reilly

Chief Executive Officer, DermView

Patients have lauded a new dermatology service, which eliminates the stress and anxiety of waiting to get a diagnosis from a consultant dermatologist, available across Ireland.

In May 2019, acne started to become a major issue for Grace, from Celbridge, County Kildare. She spent a lot of money on unsuccessful treatments until she discovered a new clinic near where she works as a hairdresser in Naas.

Support for acne

About 10 days after a GP referral, the 26 year-old booked herself into the clinic. Grace felt really at ease, and once she arrived, a nurse explained what she was going to do during the consultation and took special medical images of the area.

Three weeks after her initial appointment, Grace got an secure email from the clinic who diagnosed her acne as acne vulgaris. She was later examined in St James’ Hospital.

If I had known about DermView sooner, it would have saved me 18 months of heartache.

“If I had known about DermView sooner, it would have saved me 18 months of heartache and I would have gone to their clinic straight away. “It is a massive weight off my shoulders. I felt the service was very professional. The staff are brilliant, my care was amazing and I am really happy with the outcome.”

“I could have waited years as a public patient, but I had all the treatment I needed completed within six weeks,” she says.

Skin cancer referral

On July 29th, a GP found a facial growth on Neil, Piltown, Kilkenny, and referred him to a consultant in his local Regional Hospital.

Tired of waiting, Neil, contacted DermView and got an appointment three days later to go to their clinic in Waterford City for a scan on August 25.

Staff took photographs of his face with a special camera. He was fascinated with the use of voice activated technology. The quality of the pictures was astonishing. He could see the capillaries on his skin very clearly. The nurse was very good explaining the procedure and what happens afterwards. The experience only lasted 30 minutes.

On August 31st, the DermView doctor phoned him to discuss the results and sent him a password protected email with his diagnosis, having reviewed his scan. The doctor explained very clearly he had an aggressive large facial skin cancer and needed to be treated as an urgent case.

Four weeks to the day after he contacted DermView, they removed the skin cancer in St James’s Hospital, Dublin, which was a great relief to him.

“If I hadn’t the opportunity to avail of the DermView service, I could be dead. I would 100% recommend it to other patients. Overall, staff provide a superb service.

“It is great to have a service where a consultant dermatologist can view your scan so quickly and determine whether or not it is an urgent case,” he says.

DermView Clinic dermatology scans up to three areas of the body including intimate areas before they are reviewed by one of their panel of consultant dermatologists. On average, a consultation will take up to 20 minutes and results will be available within 30 days.

Clinics are now open nationwide. DermView just opened a state of the art 5,000sqt clinic in Carrickmines, just off the M50 on the south of Dublin. A second facility, the same size, is currently underway, just off the M50 on the northside of the city. Further new clinics that are scheduled to open by the end of this year.

Contact Dermview:
Free Phone: 1800 911 665

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