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Shot of a doctor examining a patient with a stethoscope during a consultation in a clinic
Cardiovascular Health Q3 2023

Helping to care for the cardiovascular health of each person in Ireland

As cardiovascular disease remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality, we must work to enhance cardiovascular health on the island of Ireland. The Irish Cardiac Society was established in 1949 as the professional society for clinicians in Ireland whose primary interest is in cardiovascular medicine and surgery. Strategy promoting cardiovascular health Over the past … Continued
Cardiovascular Health Q3 2023

Take fainting to heart — there is no such thing as a simple faint

Fainting (syncope) affects one in two people at least once during their lifetime. This unexplained loss of consciousness is a common yet overlooked symptom of an underlying, potentially fatal, heart rhythm disorder. Many people may faint due to low blood pressure, dehydration or heat-related syncope. However, for others, something more serious can be causing the … Continued