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Mark Canavan

CEO and Co-founder, Greenheart CBD

What are CBD products, how are they made and are they all the same? An Irish grower and producer explains the differences. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil or hemp oil all come from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is extremely versatile and useful in a number of sectors including textiles and personal health. The plant naturally contains more than 100 cannabinoids, notably cannabidiol (CBD), but despite this, not all oils are the same.

Mark Canavan, co-founder of Greenheart CBD explains: “Most oils on the market are produced using chemical extraction or made up from concentrates, but at Greenheart we keep our product fully natural and extract in a natural process known as cold pressed extraction.”

How the process works

The company uses a ‘seed to shelf’ production process that starts in the fields of Wicklow and provides full traceability to the end consumer. 

“We grow hemp under licence, using strains permitted in the EU and scan the fields daily using AI-enhanced drones, which relay details about the health and stage of growth, this allows us to identify any problems and harvest crops at the optimum time,” says Canavan. The company plans to introduce larger drones that allow for soil testing, weeding and the spray application of organic fertiliser or plant nutritional products and have partnered with Zenadrone.

Greenheart has also partnered with UNIPHAR, Ireland’s largest pharmacy distributor allowing Greenheart products to be readily available in pharmacies nationwide.

Greenheart CBD has committed itself to making a difference in today’s world with a unique and original approach to helping farmers climb from the poverty trap.

A new cryptocurrency

Canavan shares a new development the company are working on, “We are a very forward-thinking company and due to the evolution that is occurring in the financial sector, we decided to get involved in the crypto currency space and create a decentralised platform for farmers looking to get into hemp production and improve their quality of life through our new currency ‘CBD’.

“We embarked on this project in 2019 and got our token launched on Pancake Swap in May 2021. We have ambitious plans to grow the community and value of our currency by implementing the various targets we have set on our roadmap.”

Liam Robertson, chief executive of Alphabit Fund says, “Greenheart CBD has committed itself to making a difference in today’s world with a unique and original approach to helping farmers climb from the poverty trap.” 

You can find out more on greenheartcbd.ie and greenheartcbd.io

Greenheart CBD is an award-winning company winning a place in the Sunday Independents ‘30 under 30’ in 2019 and winning a Business All-Star Award for the company in 2020 as well the AIBF ‘Partnership of the Year’ and ‘Funding Round of the Year’ award for 2021.

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