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Ivan Ahern

Director, Cornmarket

A newly expanded education programme from Cornmarket & Breast Cancer Ireland aims to help women spot breast cancer early.

Cornmarket has teamed up with Breast Cancer Ireland to expand their awareness and education programme and help women recognise the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

There is a common misconception that breast cancer only affects older women. However, the statistics tell a different story, with 30% of women diagnosed with the disease aged between 20 and 50*.

Early detection of breast cancer is key to survival, and if women can be educated to self-check, this will help increase awareness and ultimately save lives.

The awareness and education programme supports visits to schools to educate teachers, as well as transition year students, on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Initially when Cornmarket came on board the programme was aimed solely at transition year students and secondary school teachers. The scope of the project has now grown significantly, and has been expanded to target primary school teachers too.

The programme is available in schools throughout Ireland and is delivered by qualified Breast Cancer Ireland representatives, including both breast cancer survivors and nurses. They have a genuine passion for educating others and sharing their stories.

As part of their presentations in schools, these representatives use a specialised mannequin for medical instruction, which allows participating teachers to feel for lumps and learn what to look out for during a self-examination.

Presentations are free of charge and can be arranged for 20-25 minutes during lunch or 45 minutes after school hours.

Feedback on the programme has been positive and continues to gain momentum

  • 100% of respondents rated the programme as excellent or very good
  • 98% of respondents said they were not self-checking correctly before the presentation
  • 100% of respondents said they would recommend the programme to a friend.

Cornmarket is proud to sponsor this programme and through its support of Breast Cancer Ireland, understands that knowledge is power and awareness saves lives.

To register your interest in a presentation for your school, visit:

Presentations are on hold until after COVID-19, however you can still register your interest in advance.

*(Source: Breast Cancer Ireland, 2019).

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