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Emma Buckley, RNutr

Director of Nutrition, Gourmet Fuel Ltd.

Customised, healthy gourmet meal deliveries can help individuals boost their health and wellbeing. It allows them to take a step back from meal prep and still incorporate a healthy diet every day.

Incorporating a healthy diet into our daily lives has a positive impact. The opposite is also true as running on empty by not fuelling correctly can negatively impact productivity and health. The solution may rest in getting customised, healthy gourmet meal deliveries that can help boost productivity. 

Customised approach to healthy meal delivery 

Nutritional needs are highly subjective. One person may need support recalibrating their whole diet; another may simply be lacking time and in need of certain weekly meals to be delivered. Emma Buckley, Director of Nutrition at nutritional meal delivery service Gourmet Fuel, says: “Planning, preparation and accountability are critical to get right if someone wants to improve their nutrition and lifestyle. We help with all of these aspects — not just advising people what to eat but doing the cooking, too.”  

The supportive approach begins with the option of an introductory session, which can be over the phone or through ‘The Fuel Wizard’ tool. “We assess people’s goals; for example, whether they’re trying to lose weight or need the convenience of delivered, healthy meals. We also look at people’s calorie intake and their likes and dislikes. We want to know what people enjoy eating — food should be fun and pleasing; that way, they are more likely to stick with it,” she explains. 

A person can only be productive if they
are fuelling themselves properly.

Helping women to put themselves first 

Buckley says that many of their approximately 1,000-a-week customers are women. “Typically, women of all ages tend to think of their own needs last. What we allow them to do is consider having someone look after them for a change and put their own nutritional needs first. Ultimately, a person can only be productive if they are fuelling themselves properly.”  

She adds: “We’ve helped many customers with their weight loss and wellbeing journeys; the overarching sentiment is that they can’t believe how much food they can eat, feel satisfied and still lose weight. Women tend to think less is more, but the reality is: the right amount of food will nourish, fuel and help you feel energised.”

Buckley concludes by expressing her passion for helping people. “We know that people are spinning many plates and, usually, the things that require a bit of work are abandoned, like eating well. We help our clients by managing one of those plates for them and supporting them along the way.” 

Gourmet Fuel is a healthy meal delivery service in Ireland, with a team of professional chefs and qualified nutritionists working to create delicious, nutritious meals and meal plans. Book a free consultation today with a qualified nutritionist to start looking after your own health and wellbeing. 

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