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Men's Healthcare Q2 2023

Making health easy and accessible for men with some top tips

People, Senior Couple, Indoors, Family, Love-Emotion
People, Senior Couple, Indoors, Family, Love-Emotion
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Colin Fowler

Director of Operations, Men’s Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI)

Not too long ago, we were unaware of the full extent of men’s poor health status and the specific health issues that they are contending with. However, this is no longer the case.

In recent years, a broad range of research1 has highlighted the health challenges which face men in Ireland and further afield. 

Tips for Men’s Health Week 

Men, themselves, need to play a central role in taking control of their health and wellbeing. Men’s health is not just an issue for individual men — their health can often be determined by other factors outside of their control. Thus, policymakers, service providers and society as a whole must recognise the role they need to play. 

International Men’s Health Week (MHW) 2023 (Monday 12th—Sunday 18th June) offers an ideal opportunity for the whole of Ireland to make these positive changes. MHW is celebrated in many European countries, as well as in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and several places worldwide. 

The overall aims are simple: 

  • Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages 
  • Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices/activities 
  • Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males 

Support men and boys to engage in
healthier lifestyle choices/activities.

Putting men in control of their health 

In Ireland, it’s very common to hear people say: ‘Ah, sure, your man’s the picture of health.’ During MHW 2023, everyone is being asked to think about what their ‘picture of health’ might look like and to go for it. 

While some aspects of our health are determined by things which are beyond our control (such as genetics, our income, the environment that we live in and our access to services), there are also simple, practical and realistic things we can all do to improve our health and live a longer life.  

To support MHW 2023, a new free Man Manual — ‘Action Man: ten top tips to improve men’s health’ — is available. This doesn’t preach or lecture, it simply explains: 

  • Why an action is needed 
  • What can be done about it 
  • How to find support if you need it 

The 10 top tips put men into the driving seat and give them the tools and DIY instructions to make positive changes — if they choose to be their own ‘Action Man.’ 

David Gillick

David Gillick stepped off the track in 2013 after a successful athletics career.

His achievements include becoming an Olympian at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, European 400m Indoor Champion, and Irish Outdoor and Indoor 400m record holder.

David now promotes healthy body and mind, having written two best-selling books on the subject David Gillick’s Kitchen and Back On Track, as well as being a vocal advocate for mental health.


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