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Why sensory tech can bring light into the lives of people with dementia

People living with dementia can be mentally stimulated by purposeful play activities, including sensory technology that projects interactive games onto a tabletop or floor. Adults living with dementia or intellectual disabilities can benefit hugely from purposeful play, says Alena Ulicka, Senior Activity Leader at CareChoice Montenotte nursing home in Cork. As its name suggests, purposeful … Continued
Senior Health Q3 2022

Mary found support living with hereditary amyloidosis

My initial diagnosis didn’t happen overnight. Amyloidosis is often overlooked as signs and symptoms mimic other diseases. I started with breathlessness, fatigue and a feeling of a weight on my chest. In 2010, I had a stent put in my artery. I returned to work on my usual medications and felt like a new woman. … Continued