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Anne Marie Baird

Founding Committee Member, Irish Lung Cancer Community

A founding member of the Irish Lung Cancer Community and lung cancer researcher at Trinity College Dublin, Anne-Marie Baird, discusses the origins, goals, aspirations and mission for a newly formed patient advocacy group.

How did the organisation come about?

As there is no specific lung cancer support group in Ireland, a group of us got together last year and formed the Irish Lung Cancer Community (ILCC). ILCC is a mix of people living with lung cancer, caregivers and people who are interested in advocating for the lung cancer community.

What is the situation with lung cancer in Ireland?

There are about 2,700 cases a year and 1,800 deaths. Lung cancer is the leading killer of males and females in Ireland, causing more cancer-related deaths than any other cancer type. Five-year survival is around 20%, which is very low compared to other common cancers, such as breast or prostate cancer.

Lung cancer is the leading killer of males and females in Ireland.

What is the vision and mission for the group?

Our vision is that all people impacted by lung cancer in Ireland will have the best chance of survival and live life as well as possible. Our mission is to be the united voice of people impacted by lung cancer and provide them with information, education and support. We also aim to work on promoting more positive perceptions of the disease and tackle the stigma associated with it.

What are the key goals to be achieved?

We want to empower people living with lung cancer to be involved in their treatment decisions and receive the best care possible. We also want to raise awareness about lung cancer, promote earlier diagnosis and ensure there is a strong patient voice around lung cancer services in Ireland.

How do people access and connect with the ILCC?

We have a Twitter handle (@LungCommunity), Facebook page and Instagram (Irish Lung Cancer Community) and our email address is [email protected]. Please get in touch!

We have a virtual Fireside Chat on the first Thursday of every month, developed leaflets for hospitals/clinics and as we set up as a charity, we would like to hear from anyone who can potentially help us.

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