Dr. Majid Fotuhi is a neurologist who chairs the Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness. He wrote the book "The Memory Cure" and just finished writing a new book, "Boost Your Brain". Dr. Fotuhi tells us, "these games are helpful, but they're only a part of what you need to do in order to have a stronger brain. It's a mistake for people to think they're going to do these games and that's it, their brain is upgraded." But there has been research to indicate that cognitive training can work, including the IMPACT (Improvement in Memory with Plasticity-based Adaptive Cognitive Training) study out of the University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.

So what should we do to really boost our brainpower? "Physical fitness is one of the most important things for brain health," says Fotuhi. If you want to dedicate time to improving your brain's health, he says these are the most important things to do for children, adults, and seniors:

  1. Vigorous physical exercise. This, Dr. Fotuhi tells us, is 80% of it. So if you want to help your brain, be sure you're not playing brain training games on the couch: whatever your favorite physical activity is, make sure you're doing something to work up a sweat regularly.

  2. Memory exercises. "If you want to be sharper, you want to maintain the memory part of the brain (the hippocampus)." So if you're playing any kind of brain training game, look for something that requires you to remember names, faces, or other information to boost those brain muscles.

  3. Meditation and breathing exercises. Just spending 15 minutes a day will not only help you relax and destress, but also improve your brain's health by decreasing brain excitement.

  4. Ingest more omega-3 (DHA). You'll find these in fish oil pills—or you can get them by including more fish in your diet—and scientific research suggests they have a number of health benefits, including improving your brain health

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